Get Your Holidays Spirts On With Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s “Christmas Is Coming (We All Know The Score)”

Very festive

Photo: Rhodri Brooks

Welsh quartet Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard get their holiday spirits on with their latest single and video “Christmas Is Coming (We All Know The Score).” As you can imagine, it has a buoyant festive tone to it paired with biting lyrics aimed towards capitalism. This is the perfect song to share with your acquaintances (online coz we still have an entire pandemic going on) along with a wikiHow guide to minimalism via your new 6.1” Super Retina XDR display iPhone 12:

On the song, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s Tom Rees said:

“Weirdly enough this Christmas song was written many years ago but I suppose the absolute grinding nightmare we call consumer capitalism never really takes a sick day even during a global pandemic, so at least one positive take away from writing sarcastic songs about capitalism is that the situation is almost definitely only going to get worse and we can only become more alarmingly relevant as each year goes by – all of this considered I did just buy a gigantic new computer screen from Currys/PC World (another great conglomerate, on a side note, I have never actually bought anything physically in PC World, because they never have it there, I think they need to change their name, they can’t advertise themselves as a WORLD OF PC’S without actually having what you want, but I digress) so I’m not quite immune to the charm of it all, I just like to nag more than anything.”

PC World needs a company do-over and as for Buzzard Buzzard, they will be playing two socially-distanced shows in January 2021 as part of Independent Venue Week – one at Lafayette, London (January 28th) and another at The Burdenell Social Club Leeds (January 29th).