Lia Ices Shares New Single “Earthy”

From her upcoming ‘Family Album’

Photo: Melodi Meadows

Lia Ices has shared her new single “Earthy,” where the gal takes off playing the piano before turning into a cathartic psych-Americana. It’s a delicate and intimate piece where Lia touches upon various topics such as mortality, life, identity, and being present. Along with the song, the gal has shared the video for it shot on super 8 footage by Conor Hagen where we get to see her play the piano through retro aesthetics. Watch below:

The track is taken from her upcoming LP Family Album, which will be out on January 29th, 2021. For the record, Lia worked with producer JR White (Girls) who recently passed away. In working with the producer, she shared: “experiencing JR’s creative genius so intimately is a gift I will always cherish and I’m so grateful my songs were touched by his magic. This album means something different to me now that the person I made it with is gone — it is a symbolic reminder that music is eternal, he lives forever in this album.”