Little Elm Muse On Broken Homes In New Single “Neighbours”


Photo: PR courtesy

Berlin duo Little Elms (aka Embla Hällgren and Elias O. Graversen) illustrate the heartache of growing up in a broken home in their new single “Neighbours.” With its intricate riffs, “Neighbors” finds the duo diving into the most vulnerable corners as they open up about their own experiences growing up with divorced parents. The soulful vocals of Embla Hällgren accompanied by Graversen’s fragile choruses yield a woozy chemistry that makes “Neighbours” a song for heartache and comfort:

On the track, Graversen shared: “I always tell people that my parents’ divorce has little impact on me as my parents broke up so early in my life, but all it takes is the neighbours fighting at night for it all to stream back to me. That’s where the initial inspiration for ‘Neighbours’ comes from. Growing up with separated families is something Embla (lead singer) and I share, so writing this song together helped us understand each other better.”

“Neighbours” is the first single from the duo’s upcoming debut EP, which will be out in 2021.