Megafauna Pay Tribute To Nature In New Australiana Single “Jacaranda”

And it’s breezy

Photo: Artist courtesy

Megafauna is a quintet who make Australiana music – it’s like Americana but so much edgier, breezier, and cooler. Their latest single “Jacaranda” is an ode to Mother Nature and also a groovy wave of frissons where they mesmerize you with their glimmering chords, ethereal keyboards, and deliberate drums that exude a playful energy. Time to indulge:

On the song, Megafauna’s Freyja Fox shared: “This song was written last November when I was enjoying the explosion of purple I see every year across Sydney. It serves as a reminder that nature can be just as powerful a muse as a lover. And yeah, I was sitting on the verandah at the time.”

Comprised of Freyja Fox (vocals, guitar), Ellen Fitzgibbon (keys) Lily Keenan (guitar), Lucy Warriner (bass) and Tess Wilkin of The Buoys (drums), Megafauna is a quintet based in Sydney who keep pushing the boundaries of Australiana genre with their own style. “Jacaranda” is from their upcoming EP, which is still in the works – stay tuned.