Misty Mtn Give Us Ethereal Holiday Anthem Titled “These Lights”

Childhood home nostalgia

Photo: Kelsey Talton

Misty Mtn pulls our nostalgia strings – even the ones that hurt- with their new single “These Liughts,” a very holiday-ish hymn that has the lush palette of ambient pop infused with R&B smokes. “These Lights” is warm and comforting, providing you a sense of familiarity that a holiday song should deliver. But there is a melancholic twist to it as Misty Mtn walk down both the good and painful memory lanes. Inspired by the duo’s recent relocation to Montana where one of the members grew up in, “These Lights” captures the feeling of going back to your old home and feeling connected and disconnected at the same time:

“‘These Lights’ is that moment of beyond your better judgment going to your childhood home that’s no longer yours, looking up your ex on Instagram, seeing who got the job over you — allowing yourself to get lost in the memories but dance among the pain. We’ve been doing some field recordings up here in Montana. If you listen closely you can hear us walking around in the snow. Stuff like that really helps start a unique atmosphere that can inform the rest of the production. We also wanted to bring in elements of the holiday genre without pinning ourselves into the corner of calling this a ‘holiday song.’”

Comprised of Montana native vocalist/songwriter Mo Trunzo and LA native multi-instrumentalist Lucas Segall, Misty Mtn is currently working on their next project, which they’ll be sharing early next year.