Odina Invites Us Into An Abstract Inner Conversation In “Hey Hey”

And it’s pretty magical

Photo: PR courtesy

Catalan poptress Odina has dropped her self-directed video for “Hey Hey,” in which she presents her own creative vision of conversing with the different sides of her identity. It has a surreal glamour to it as Odina showcases her boldest and vulnerable personas that have their own enigmatic charm. “Hey Hey” is a lush soundscape where Odina’s ethereal vocals tower over the swelling beats. Check it out:

On the video, she shared: “In this video I wanted to explore individuality, letting go of other people’s expectations of you in order to let your true colours shine. The video is an abstract inner conversation, where different parts of yourself collide with one another. Just like the song ‘Hey, Hey’ it’s a cry of help, a scream demanding acceptance by others, but ultimately by oneself.”

“Hey Hey” is from her critically acclaimed debut record What I Never Told You, which was released back in August.