The Garnals Drop Doublebangers “I Got Mine” & “Shiny Eyelids”

Meet the duo from the Netherlands

Photo: Artist courtesy

Hailing from the Arnhem/Nijmegen-region (Netherlands), The Garnals are comprised of vocalist/guitarist Twan Stoffels and drummer Lasse Schothorst. Today, the duo has unveiled two debut singles “I Got Mine” and “Shiny Eyelids.” Built on beachy jangly guitar chords, “I Got Mine” is broovy (broody + groovy) hymn where The Garnals pour out every existential thought we had during quarantine. In “Shiny Eyelids,” they take a slight psychedelic turn while keeping the gauzy ambience of indie rock as they capture the emotional transition of being a lover to just a friend. Check it out:

“For me, as probably for many artists, the quarantine has been an inspiration and a time to ponder life, society and my place in it. I wrote the lyrics to ‘I Got Mine’ about a couple of setbacks I had in my personal life, trying to make sense of them and find a certain acceptance. ‘Shiny Eyelids’ is a song in which I tried to capture the transition between going from love to friendship, for me it’s about hope, persistence and about letting go,” explained Stoffel.


Keep the duo under your radar as they’ll be sharing another single before 2020 ends.