Jesse Markin Shares New Anti-Capitalist Hymn “Counting Money On A Sunday”

Gospel meets progressive rock

Photo Tero Ahonen

Liberian-born, Finnish artist Jesse Markin beckons us to sing our lungs out in his new anthem “Counting Money on a Sunday.” There is a celestial vibe to it as Markin incorporates gospel choirs into the rocky soundscape, yielding a soulful and contemplative ambience. His towering vocals unleash the frustrations many have been feeling complying to a capitalist system. It’s a political criticism but also a personal wakeup call:

Speaking of the track, Markin shared: “Capitalism is a machine that protects those that feed it but also a machine that creates chaos. This year we were able to witness this very closely as the world was fighting the global pandemic. The rich isolated themselves while the rest were left to face their worst fears just because the machine cannot stop.

Musically ‘Counting Money on a Sunday’ is a progressive rock song with elements of gospel. With this I wanted to underscore the fact that we are at a point where you either worship the machine or try to break from it, either way, the money has to be counted.”

Markin is the former member of the hip-hop act The Megaphone State, who released three widely acclaimed records. He decided to move on with his solo endeavor in order to exercise more creativity over his style, which you can tell from his latest music. He released his debut album FOLK back in May 2019 and has won the Critics’ Choice Award at the Finnish Grammys. With previous spots at major festivals across Europe, Markin is an unstoppable musician and performer.