Edens Back Nestles Us On The Verge Of A Breakup & Breakdown In “Don’t Leave”

Your new oh-fu(:k soundtrack

Photo: PR courtesy

London-based Aussie artist Edens Back places us on that heart-racing moment when a relationship is about to burn down in flames (along with out sanity) in her new single “Don’t Leave.” With her towering voice, Edens Back hemorrhages all the emotional pain and despair we feel when we’re about to lose someone. It’s gut-wrenching track where the gal holds onto the last moments we spend with that person feeling hopeless but unready to give up:

“’Don’t Leave’ is my interpretation of an ‘oh f@%k’ moment I had one night. I realised that my relationship with this guy was coming to an end. I went through every possible scenario in my head to think of ways I could save it, but it was no use. I felt completely helpless, like I was standing outside of my apartment looking in, a stranger watching this disaster we created. It was going to play out exactly the way I didn’t want it to.”

The track is from the artist’s upcoming EP, which is in the works.