Marcus James & RYYZN Join Forces In “Warning Sign”


Photo: Matthew Butcher

Marcus James and RYYZN team up in new single “Warning Sign,” a buoyant electronic piece trimmed with rhythmic blades of dream pop that feels perfect for long nights. Its lyrical moodiness feels like an antithesis to the mood-boosting melody, making the weight of the topic groovily digestible. Check it out:

On the single, Marcus James shared: “The story is a little abstract but the messaging comes through loud and clear; and I love that because you can relate it to a relationship, mental health, or anything that makes you feel overwhelmed. I’ve always been obsessed with the interplay between melancholy lyrics and an uplifting melody. When we wrote this song I think we struck that balance, setting the tone for the whole EP. Dave of RYYZN and Tom Roche first wrote the hook when they were hanging out one night. I think It’s got a certain magic because every cadence was left exactly as it was first written. Once each part was added, it stuck, and that’s when you know you’ve got something good.”

“Warning Sign” is from their upcoming EP, which will be released in February 2021 via Physical Presents.