NANCY’s New Video “Pleasure Pen” Is Bizarre & Has A Majestic Dog

Weird pop…sorta

Photo: Steve Glashier

UK artist NANCY never ceases to amaze us – his latest video “Pleasure Pen” is a another trippy wonderland that is as enigmatic as the song where he gives us an eerie rush of smeared synths where NANCY’s haunting vocals flow seamlessly. In his own words, “‘Pleasure Pen’ is based on the Sacher-Masoch novella Venus in Furs, it’s dark and dirty and needs to be listened to whilst engulfed in red light. Break out those assless chaps cos it’s about to get disgusting.” The dog in the video pretty much sums up our mood towards NANCY and $15 avocado toasts – we can never fully understand it, but still feel drawn to it:

Still from Nancy – Pleasure Pen (Official Video). Our mood towards 2020

The track is from his upcoming record 7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Fell Good Blues, which will bet out on January 15th via B3SCI Records.