Sweat Muse On Digital Age & Human Extinction In New EP ‘Sentimental Sunset’

A look into our distorted digital and real world

Photo: PR courtesy

South London band Sweat have unveiled their EP Sentimental Sunset before wrapping up this year. It’s a rich, sultry EP that blends cosmic pop, ambience, and indietronica to craft four stunning tracks that tap into universal themes of love and existentialism while also diving into themes of inequality and technology. Check it out:

Sentimental Sunset is the credits rolling on 2020. An audio-visual deep-dive twisting together themes of systemic corruption, inequality, digital connection gone wrong, and the hopelessness of our great powers that be, all the while dimly lit with both the rose tint of romance and the cold glow of the contemplation of our own extinction.

Each song is an episode in a fractured surreal narrative, and is brought to life in a space between the concretely real sound of live instrumentation and the imaginary world of glitches and the recognizable being bent out of shape,” shared Sweat.

“The visuals exist in a similar unplaceable space, placing dreamlike symbols like a combine harvester (What Men Want) at night against uncanny CGI environments like a performance in a VR club on an alien planet (Director). Some objects exist in the physical and the digital simultaneously, whether it is a sprawling abandoned factory in a video or the sound of a flute – the imperfections of the real version exposing deep gulfs with its digitized copy, even when both are similarly degraded.”

Sweat will be playing a socially distanced show at Islington Assembly Hall on February, 20th.