All Things Blue Address Homelessness In New Single “Buddha & Penelope”


Photo: Shabnam Ferdowsi

LA band All Things Blue share new Claymation video in their new single “Buddha & Penelope.” Created by Kat Bing, it’s a playful stop-motion video that takes you on a quirky animated trip. Thematically, “Buddha & Penelope” addresses topics of homelessness and it’s based on singer-songwriter India Coomb’s friendship with a homeless man named Buddha. Check it out:

Speaking of the new single, Coombs said: “When I first moved to Los Angeles I met a houseless man named Buddha and his sweet pitbull Penelope. I saw them every Sunday for a few years and we came to know each other well. Having a relationship with someone so open and loving despite their circumstances created a deeper wonderment in my mind. It created a heartfelt realization of this morbid disparity between the rich and poor in cities such as LA. This song is an ode to people like Buddha and Penelope and how they deal with our shared reality.”

“Buddha & Penelope” is from their upcoming debut album Get Bit, which will be out on December 11th via Terrible Records. The band will be streaming an album release show from LA venue Non Plus Ultra on December 10th and it will be a pay-what-you-want event where all the proceeds will go to Bail Project.