Tessa Violet Shares Animated Video For TikTok Viral Single “Wishful Drinking”

Goes great with wine

Photo: CJ Sweet

If you’re not on TikTok, then you’re missing out – Tessa Violet has been spreading viral grooviness with her “Wishful Drinking” challenge, which has amassed 600M collective views in the past few months. The gal has released the official animated video of the track and it’s a quirky song that is perfect to play on-repeat as we procrastinate and sip wine:

In speaking about the track, she noted:

“‘Wishful Drinking’ was always one of my favorites, but it was never released as a focus single. Fast forward 9 months and it’s now my second biggest song! Sometimes all a song needs is a spotlight to allow it to shine. Like a lot of people, I got really into TikTok during quarantine. I was trying to find a way I could use the platform to help shed a light on my music (since cutting through the noise is one of the hardest things for an artist without major label backing). I had this idea to try to make a song of mine go viral by creating an interesting trend around it (without outing myself as the artist of the song) – and it worked! What’s ironic is that now I’m experiencing this strange phenomenon where some people on the street will recognize me from TikTok, but still not know I’m the artist who created the song-Ha! It’s a fun moment when people put it all together.”

The track is from her album Bad Ideas, which was released back in October 2019.