Andreas Moss Throws A Very Rad Backyard Party In New Video “It’s Cool”

The cake at 1:25 looks delicious

Photo: PR courtesy

Andreas Moss invites all the hopeless romantics to chill with him in his new track “It’s Cool,” a laidback hip-hop piece that addresses the emotional extremities that someone can have on us, especially in modern day romance. The track goes on quirky tangent as Moss raps in a breakneck fashion before dropping some iconic names like Cupid and Floyd Mayweather. Produced by Jason Grillo, “It’s Cool” is from his upcoming debut record The Perhaps Existence of Andreas Moss, check it out:

Jonathan Thulin is the maestro behind Andreas Moss who has had one of the most eccentric musical careers – he started off making songs that topped Christian charts before reinventing himself as Andreas Moss. Tackling topics such as his queer identity, Thulin has been breaking all genre boundaries crafting he’s own eclectic sound. He’s also an in-demand penned songs for some of the biggest names like BTS, Pitbull, Vic Mensa, etc. Keep your eyes out for his upcoming debut record, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.