ArmstrongWW Goes All Or Nothing In New Single “Control”

Funky hip-hop

Photo: Luz Castilla

If you’ve tried to get into a relationship with someone who was half-assing, then you know the massive frustrations and wtfs that come out of it. ArmstrongWW (WorldWide) captures that feeling along with DGAF vibes in his new single “Control” where he raps over the funky soundscape, yielding a smooth infectiousness. Produced by Versus Beats, “Control” finds ArmstrongWW addressing a lover who has been half-assing commitment. But the dynamics of power has been switched in the song as he is the one giving the ultimatum. Hit play:

On the track, he shared: “I originally conceived ‘Control’ after looking back to a situation in which a love interest of mine made it unclear if they wanted to be in a relationship or not. Months later after I started taking my music seriously and made an advancement in my career, my feelings towards the love interest began to fade away. This was because the more I grew, the less time I had for confusion. The romantic dilemma spawned the sound of ‘Control,’ a message saying decide now on what you want or watch me go.”

Born in Cameroon but now based in Houston, TX, Armstrong is an 18-year-old artist who draws inspiration from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Tyler The Creator, Mac Miller, and more. Combining a wide array of influences into his craft, ArmstrongWW continues to polish his sound in innovative ways.