Take A Visual Trip To The Amazon Rainforest With Malvae’s “Amazonas”


Photo: PR courtesy

Netherlands artist Malvae embarks on a stunning visual and auditory journey in his new video “Amazonas.” It’s the title track of his debut LP, which is out now, where Malvae delivers a visceral indietronica rush that puts you in a contemplative state. Inspired by his own months-long journey through the Amazon Rainforest, “Amazonas” captures the motions and patterns of nature through billowing synthesizers and burning ambience:

On his record, Malvae shared: “Amazonas marks my debut album which I created from samples I recorded on a 2000km journey crossing 4 out of 9 countries which hold the Amazon Rainforest to create awareness for protecting this vast space. Starting the months-long journey in a small oil town called Coca, Ecuador, where I was invited to visit a Huaorani family in Yasuni, I continued traveling down the Napo and Amazon rivers through Peru, Colombia and eventually Brazil, while documenting the entire journey with my camera and drone to visualize the project. With all the sounds you hear originating from the jungle, I hope that the listeners may experience the jungle and its inhabitants speaking through my music and the feelings I felt while I was there, deep in the rainforest. I hope that it may light a fire within you.”