BYFYN’s EP ‘In Blue With You’ Is Out Now


Photo: Olivia Lifungula

Hertfordshire artist BYFYN has released her new EP In Blue With You, a record that dives into hefty themes of anxieties and self-growth that ultimately offers a therapeutic soundscape to process the hurdles that we face. Unlike her previous works where the gal explored escapism, In Blue With You finds her more inward-looking as she tackles personal themes while rebuilding her identity. Stream below:

On her EP, the gal shared: “I always used music as a way to escape the difficult things in my life, so I’d usually write about things that made me feel good; love, friends, partying, good times! But this time round, none of that felt right, it felt insincere. I felt I was ready and needed to talk about some real stuff and lay it all on the table, for once take off the mask. My hope is that those that need it will find solace in it and relate to it, because if there’s anything I’ve learnt from writing and talking about the songs so far, it’s that 99% of the time we’re not alone in how we are feeling/what we are going through!”