Marie Dahlstrom, Dan Diggas & Aligo Join Forces In “Fall Down”

Soothing R&B x hip-hop

Photo: PR courtesy

Danish artist Marie Dahlstrom, London producer Dan Diggas, and Canadian rapper Aligo all join creative forces in their new single “Fall Down.” While it has a slow-burning, R&B melody to it, the rapping choruses give it a breakneck oomph that give “Fall Down” a mellow rush. Lyrically, “Fall Down” takes us through the cyclical phases of any relationship:

On the single, Aligo shared: “Marie and I lived in the JFH flat for a little over a year and after a few months we figured out a way for us to really tap in and make music together. We told ourselves every night for 4 straight days we are going to tackle a pack of beats that Dan made while he was on tour with Mahalia. Theme-wise there wasn’t a plan at first but we knew we wanted to explore different emotions and feelings with each night that passed. By the end we noticed the songs came together in a cohesive way that demonstrated a four-stage cycle of love/relationships.”

Dahlstrom went on to add: “‘Fall Down’ is an ode to arguments that can be common at times, but left untreated could ruin a relationship. Like autumn, this song is a transition period to a colder and more challenging part of the year and symbolic of the changes that can occur when this happens in relationships: ‘consequences get the best of you.'”

The track is from their collaborative EP titled 4inARow, which will be out on January 15th, 2021 via Dahlstrom’s own label JFH Records.