Wassailer Gets Candid About Being Honest In “Three Dots In A Bubble”


Photo: PR courtesy

Wassailer is the new solo project of We Were Evergreen’s Will Serfass. His latest single “Three Dots In A Bubble” taps into the inner struggles that we face when we get candid about our own vulnerabilities. And it’s not the fear of honesty itself per say, but the way we might come off – which can stand in the hazy borders between sounding sincere or complaining. Using neo-soul elements and bouncy bassline, “Three Dots In A Bubble” has simple aesthetic of a soothing indietronica song:

“I was very self-conscious about sounding too much like a straight white depressed single and self-centered bloke, so the song is about that cringey feeling you get when you hear yourself being honest about your own emotions. It’s such a fine line between being truthful and being whiny.”

The track is from his upcoming debut full-length i, the bastard, which will be out on Janaury 27th via Empty Street Records.