Askies Peel Through The Layers Of A Broken Relationship In “Forty-Three”

Indie rock

Photo: Artist courtesy

UK band Askies capture the disintegration of a relationship in new single “Forty-Three.” Weaved with crispy chords and edgy arrangements, “Forty-Three” has a hypnotic charm to its raw melody that draws you in immediately. The song was named after a house number 43 where they spent this summer’s lockdown. Check it out:

Speaking of the release, singer George elaborated: “Ultimately the song represents the falling apart of a relationship. With songs that I was writing around the same time as forty-three, I was trying to experiment with writing about the situations of people around me, and then placing myself as the protagonist in the song. I think throughout lock-down it was helping to keep the lyrical content fresh, coming at writing from another’s perspective. It still felt like the songs had meaning but also gave me that license to experiment a bit with the narrative. I think forty-three is that healthy mix of both, the truth, whilst also never letting facts get in the way of telling a good story.”

The band is currently getting ready to release their upcoming debut EP, which will be out in 2021.