Captain Kidd Wrestle With Imposter Syndrome In New Single “Somebody Else”


Photo: Ross Theisen

Columbus duo Captain Kidd return with new single “Somebody Else,” a chest-swelling indulgence built on fluorescent synths and dreamy midtempo where they ruminate on the chronic feeling of doubt and fraudulence that many artists suffer as a consequence of struggling with imposter syndrome. Smeared with wistfulness, “Somebody Else” illustrates the haunting sensation of not being able to perfection, which often ends up leading to the desire to be someone else. Stream below:

Speaking of the track, Captain Kidd’s Nathan Baumgard shared:

“It’s very easy to develop a sort of imposter syndrome when writing and performing music; it’s an artform that seems to lend naturally to comparison and perfectionism, and as a result I think a lot of musicians fall into ruts where they daydream about being somebody else, some greater, more artistic version of themselves. We wrote ‘Somebody Else’ as a reflection on this feeling, and as a bit of an apology letter to our support systems who help shoulder a lot of these doubts and anxieties.”

“Somebody Else” is the follow up of their previous single “Over It” (#1 Hypem’s Popular Chart) and a glimpse into their upcoming EP, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.