Jaialai Muses On Innocence & Moving On In “Victor’s Belt”

Shoegaze pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Maimi, Jaialai is comprised of members from Venezuela, El Salvador, and of Cuban heritage. Combining their diverse backgrounds with Miami culture, they craft a refreshing sound bending genres and building universal narratives. Their latest single “Victor’s Belt” is a shoegaze pop song peppered with the kaleidoscopic elements of psychedelia where they contemplate on the loss of innocence, the challenges that come with it, and moving on from it. Check it out:

On the video, vocalist & guitarist Oscar Sardiñas elaborated: “It was shot during a beautiful sunset on a rooftop in Mexico City. Jovi had just recently moved there at the same time as our good friend and cinematographer Fahad Asvat. The building is an old one, full of magic (with tile work done by Diego Rivera). Fahad and Jovi starting talking and got to building this character who ended up being something a bit different from what they planned, but just what they were looking for.”

Jovi Adames (guitar, vocals) also added: “It’s about the loss of innocence and the challenges of letting go and facing the world by yourself. It’s also a reference to looking back and trying to learn from our mistakes and to find ourselves again amidst the world we are living at the moment.”

The track is from their upcoming EP As Sweet As I Was, which will be out on March 12th, 2021.