Juśtin’s Shares An Intimate Journey Of Finding Confidence In New Record ‘Rookie 2 King’


Photo: Century Studios

Rising artist Juśtin shares his own experiences in finding confidence and building his identity in his new record Rookie 2 King. It’s an 8-track album where Juśtin infuses elements of pop and R&B into the hip-hop realm, while bringing his own sonic twists. Released back in October 10th, Rookie 2 King finds Juśtin under a vulnerable spotlight as he chants about the process of transitioning from an amateur, naïve youngster to a seasoned, grown-up artist. This album is inspired by the people in life who struggle with self confidence. “This album is my testimony to that,” shared Juśtin. Check it out:

Originally from Conyers, GA and now based in Jacksonville, FL, Juśtin started out his musical career at a young age by performing at school and art competitions under his stage moniker Justin Time. He later changed his stage name to Justin Time The Rookie following the release of his debut record Seasons of 12. Eventually, he decided upon the name Juśtin and decided to release Rookie 2 King as a testament of his own growth and glimpse into his ever-evolving sound.