Sun June Share New Self-Saboteur Anthem “Bad Girl”

From upcoming album ‘Somewhere’

Photo: Santiago Dietche

Austin quintet Sun June has dropped a new single and video titled “Bad Girl,” a slow-burning melancholic melody that speaks to our inner self-saboteur. Coated with woozy moodiness, “Bad Girl” illustrates the paralyzing fear of losing someone and at the same time losing oneself to self-destructive behaviors. The song comes with the video directed by Sun June’s Laura Colwell:

Of the song and video, Colwell shared: “‘Bad Girl’ is about a deep manic drive to regress into the person I used to be – back when being bad was cool and being cool was everything. I was given a lot of freedom as a teenager and always took advantage of it. After I lost a good friend in high school, my fear of death was overwhelming. The song reflects on how that fear combined with my own thrill-seeking affected my decisions since. It cycles through self-destructive choices I’ve made in relationships to avoid responsibility, and how my fear of loss has lead me down some dumb paths. The tone is sad and resigned, but also self-righteous somehow.

There’s something pushing and pulling between the lyrics and the beat, so we thought a dance video might draw out some internal tension. We filmed around Lockhart, TX, where we recorded the album, because there are so many farms and fields out there that are unchanged despite the area’s growth. We took some inspiration from films like ‘Blood Simple’ and ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,’ which were also shot in rural towns just outside of Austin. Basically, we tried to channel Frances McDormand, Willie Nelson, and Haim (if Haim were an only child).”

The track is from their upcoming record Somewhere, which will be out on February 5th via Run For Cover and Keeled Scales.