Tiiva Contemplates On Time Loss In “Waves”


Photo: PR courtesy

London risitng artist Tiiva has shared her new self-produced anthem “Waves” where she reflects on the feeling of losing time while also learning the priceless value of self-worth. It’s synthpop where the billowing synths coupled with her siren-like vocals yield a blissful sonic sphere. The song comes with an animated video by Ling Heaney where we are taken into a colorful 3D trip:

On the track, Tiiva reflects: “‘Waves’ is about completely losing time, finding out that time hasn’t actually stopped and we’re late for everything… it’s about an untouchable feeling that you have to write down because the mundane words of everyday sentences could never describe it.

It’s the kind of love that makes you want to start loving yourself. it’s when someone sees your scars and fragility and believes in you, and allows you to believe you’re capable of healing. it changes everything. it’s an unexplored territory, an undiscovered landscape and you feel like the first person to set eyes on it.