Aaron Lee Tasjan Illustrates The Death Of Connection In Digital Age In “Computer Of Love”

You can thank social media

Photo: Curtis Wayne Millard

As we become more dependent on social media to ‘connect’ with other people, Aaron Lee Tasjan illustrates the toxicity of it in his new single “Computer of Love.” It’s a cheeky song with an interstellar oomph to it where the billowing guitar chords paired with the swelling samples make you feel like you’re journeying to another realm. And that’s exactly what “Computer of Love” addresses – while social media feels like a channel to find new people, it also removes us further from reality. So before you scroll down your IG, hit play:

On the song, Tasjan explained:

““Computer Of Love” explores disconnection in the social media age –  It’s a surf anthem and I’m talking internet. The ways in which social media and our phones put an emotional barrier between all of us, the search for sex and love in the age of the internet and the way each generation trolls the other generations musical choices.

Social media is rich with irony these days. Melania Trump created an anti-online bullying initiative as First Lady. When you consider her husband’s Twitter account, it seems like something doesn’t quite add up? Social media platforms make stars out of people who go out of their way to never consider themselves or the consequences of their actions and it’s been great to see them start to address that in some way, but they of course need to do more and fast?”

The track is from his upcoming album Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!, which will be out on Feburary 5th, 2021 via New West Records.