LaCore Is A Secret Agent Vampire Slayer In New Video “That Thing”

And you can’t get any cooler than that

Video still from That Thing

LA-based band LaCore pick our brains on the concept of repetition and our proneness to it in their new single “That Thing.” It’s a dark, gritty piece where it’s sharp riffs and hammering drums yield a haunting hook. There is a subtle goriness to the track that draws its listeners into its sonic vortex. “The song is a nod to the things we tend to repeat,” explained LaCore’s Jeff Thompson. “Sometimes things that keep us going, and sometimes things that we wish we could stop.” The song comes with a video directed by Ran Pink where we get to see Thompson a sa secret agent vampire slayer – hit play on-repeat:

LaCore started out by Thompson, who was the touring sound engineer for acts like Kid Bloom. He met Serbian guitarist Mihailo Lukic at a studio party in early 2020 and the two started songsmithing as LaCore. “That Thing” is from their upcoming EP, which will be out in early 2021.