Snowk Drop New Acid Jazz Single “I’m Lost” Ft. J.O.Y

And it’s dance-inducing

Photo: Kodai Kobayashi

Japanese duo Snowk team up with viral artist J.O.Y (Judgement of Yesterday) in their new single “I’m Lost.” Built on a wistful indietronica soundscape, “I’m Lost” has subtle trimmings of electropical elements and swelling ambience that yield an acid jazz sound. The addition of J.O.Y’s voice add a crispy oomph to it as he build the imagery of an enigmatic woman who can’t get out of his head:

Speaking of the track, Snowk shared:“We first started the track as a remix of another song but later on, we found that the rhythm and the overall mood of the track was embodying every aspect of our project ‘Snowk.’ We decided to keep the instrumental and in a hurry sent it to a vocalist, J.O.Y. We really like the final version of the track, and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!”

Snowk is the collaborative project between Namy and Fuminori Kagajo who draws inspiration from various genres and artists. The track is from the duo’s upcoming album Powder, which will be out on January 22nd.