Somebody’s Child Captures Our 20s Existential Crisis In “Lost”

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Irish artist Somebody’s Child reflects on the feeling of uncertainty and loss that we face in our early 20s in “Lost.” It’s a laidback, melancholic narrative where we see Somebody’s Child opening up about his own struggles with mental health at that time and finding music as a therapeutic outlet. With its slow-burning riffs, “Lost” keeps you on the verge of an emotional breakthrough:

On the song, he shared: “‘Lost’ was written when I came out of college and experienced a lot of career anxiety. Everyone else seemed to know what they we’re doing except for me. The song taught me a lot in hindsight, I think I was probably suppressing a lot of emotions that were manifesting in situations that weren’t really relevant to what was going on inside. It’s a real example of what a therapeutic experience songwriting can be.”

The track is from Somebody’s Child’s upcoming EP Hope, Amongst Other Things, which will be out in early 2021.