The Keystones Return With New Frontman & Edgy Single “Cut To The Chase”


Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, The Keystones are an alternative rock band who have been making waves across the rock scene with their mesmeric sound blending grunge, garage, dance, and Britpop. The band has gone through a lineup change when they welcomed their new frontman Rayven Burdette back in July. Burdette, who is of Japanese-Mexican heritage, has received various award nominations and performed on Broadway. With a new talent addition, The Keystones give us a bolder and edgier sound, which you can tell from their latest single “Cut To The Chase.” It’s pure rock’n’roll bliss that feels apocalyptically glorious:

Speaking of the song, Burdette shared:

“Funny enough, the song just came to me while I was in the kitchen cooking. I heard the riff with the drums in my head so I quickly programmed the notes into GarageBand on my phone – a huge lifesaver for all the riffs and ideas that pop up out of nowhere! I took the chorus instrumental from another song I was writing and as a band, we fleshed out the lyrics and melodies. This was the first time I was a part of a team of musicians with a goal in mind. This was the first time I was being encouraged to do what I love most. This was the first time I felt accepted. It feels so nice to finally be the singer of a band that I’ve genuinely looked up to for years. It feels even better that we all have such organic chemistry and a drive to reach people with our music.”