Blahza’s “GPS” Ft. Seira Is Very Chill Emo-Rap

Let’s laze into it

Photo: PR courtesy

Asian-American artist Blahza recruits newcomer Seira in new single “GPS.” It’s emo-rap on Xanax as they induce us into a chill state with an unwinding swagger where they reflect on commitment and royalty. The mellow atmosphere of the production yield a playful vibe that lets both artist explore deep emotions but in a lighthearted way. “My fiancé notices I’m always on my phone like everybody is these days. But the lyrics symbolize how even without technology I’m not lost,” shared Blahza. Stream below:

“GPS” is from Blahza’s upcoming EP Sad Songs For Happy People, which will be out in 2021. Keep him under your radar as he’ll be dropping new collabs every month.