Drones Open Up About Depression In New Single “Epitaph”


Photo: PR courtesy

UK band Drones are back with a new single “Epitaph,” inspired by vocalist Lois McDougall’s own journey with mental health. It’s a flaming rock’n’roll piece that delivers the right dose of explosion to keep your adrenalines rushing but still letting your mind ruminate on the raw emotional lyrics. “Epitaph” exposes McDougall’s vulnerability and courage to tackle the issue, inviting the listeners into her own process in wrestling and coping with depression – which feels very familiar to some:

“‘Epitaph’ is the emo anthem of our new record,” says McDougall. “The umbrella term ‘mental health’ is so widespread and complex that it can be hard to pinpoint the exact problem that one person is experiencing. That’s why conversation is so important to try and unwrap the layers of each individual‘s struggles. Personally, I’ve done a lot of exploring over the last few years to try and find out which wires are crossed for me and since writing this song I have finally found some appeasing answers. A diagnosis can really help free you from the spiraling mess that depression can cause, and writing ‘Epitaph’ was just one step of that process for me.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming album Our Hell Is Right Here, which will be out on February 12th via Thousand Islands Records and Lockjaw Records.