Needshes Dig Deep Into Our Consciousness In New Disco Single “DSLS”

Does Somebody Love Somebody?

Photo: Yan Yugay

Moscow-based trio Needshes tangles us with all sorts of chaotic thoughts in their new single “DSLS.” It’s a mutant of disco, alternative pop, and psychedelia that all yield a kooky soundscape. The track excavates our subconsciousness as the trio tap into the extreme disparities that is going on in our world such as poverty coexisting with excess consumption, especially during this pandemic era. Check out the video featuring contemporary dancer Lucia Gugerli from Zurich:

On the song, frontman Otabek Salamov shared:

“It all started with a bass line, just accidentally I found something cool, rhythmic. As usual, I immediately started recording it and throwing ideas on top while it was hot. As a rule, a song always has its sound, its DNA, you might say. And if you just pay due attention to it and be patient, it will tell everything and let you hear it in its original form. And all the rest is a matter of skill – can you recreate what you heard? Are you ready to give it what it deserves?

For me, ‘DSLS’ is a symbiosis of Pink Floyd, Chemical Brothers, David Bowie, Gorillaz, Bee Gees, Wu-Tang Clan, Kool & the Gang, and much more. Not just a mixture, but symbiosis. They complement each other in a cool way, and the perky beat questioning ‘Do we love?’ allows the song not to turn into a depressive monotony.

It shows up its individuality that allows to surprise the listener against the tracks from the top 40. The thoughts are dancingly linked, they make you think and try to answer yourself a couple of questions.”