Anna Shoemaker Gets The Best Revenge In “Silver Cowboy Boots” Ft. Invisible Will

When you look shinier and hotter than your ex

Photo: Sophie Hur

Brooklyn-based artist Anna Shoemaker carries out the best vengeance on her ex in new single “Silver Cowboy Boots” ft. Invisible Will. Constructed on an intimate slow-burning melody, Shoemaker mends a broken heart by empowering herself with a pair of silver Fendi cowboy boots. Yes, it sounds bizarre but shopping for new shiny shoes isn’t the only point – the boots are metaphorical boost to one’s self-love as Anna doesn’t let her ex take over her emotions and instead use these shoes to kick him off of her life. Check out the video directed by Eva Evans:

On the song, she shared: “I wrote this song after my ex and I broke up for the second time. He seemed to be doing fine and I was still heartbroken. I was in the studio sad, hungover, and wearing these insane silver Fendi cowboy boots I had bought myself and was just like, you know what, maybe this is fine? All that guy did was mess with me, these boots can’t mess with me. They match everything, they look sick, they never tell me not to work with a certain producer or rapper because they’re jealous, they never get in fights at bars and then bleed all over my apartment, they never block my number for no reason, they never laugh at me or tell me I need to be better on stage if I want to make it big. They just make me look good and stand tall and confident, and that’s really all you can ask for from a relationship.”