Kelly Duplex Drops Slacker, Existential Pop Single “Hoverround”

Just what we needed

Photo: PR courtesy

New Orleans trio Kelly Duplex give us a cozy track to dump all of our existential thoughts and go mind-wandering titled “Hoverround.” Think of it as a Frankensong of slacker rock, pop, and indie that yield multiple gauzy layers – and they feel like soft duck feathers brushing over year eardrums. And we mean premium quality duck feathers that are FDA-certified organic:

The track is from the trio’s upcoming album s/t, which will be out on February 12th, 2021 via Strange Daisy. The record deals with every kind of theme you could think of – parenthood, type 1 diabetes, Sylvia Plath, and all the pre-midlife crisis that we’re navigating in this wack era.