Racquel Jones Gives A Badass Sermon On Religion’s Toxicity In “Sacrilege”


Photo: Lacey Terrell

Jamaican artist Racquel Jones muses on the negative effects that religion can have on individuals and communities in new single “Sacrilege.” Infusing elements of dark pop and hip-hop, Jones delivers punching and biting choruses that soar over the breakneck, dub-indebted soundscape. With “Sacrilege,” Jones specifically dives into the suppressive effects of Christianity on Black people. Check it out:

On the track, Jones shared:

“’Sacrilege’ is a blatant denouncement of religion, specifically Catholicism and what it represents for Black people whose history was intercepted by slavery. For my people, religion/Christianity was used as a tool of oppression and control while the heritage of our spiritual identity was erased. It is important for me to begin the discussion about the damages that religion has done to us as a people through the programming of our ancestors during slavery and beyond; and the strides we need to take to heal, unlearn, relearn, correct and salvage what is left of our true identity and teach that to our kids. So we’ll begin by turning our bibles to 1 Peter 2:18 King James Version.”

The track is from her upcoming album IgnoRANT, which she’ll be sharing more details soon.