Space Cadet Take Us On A Psychedelic Trip In “Forever For A While”

New wave x rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Space Cadet, aka Matt Hock and David Walsh of The Explosion, give us a psychedelic performance in new video “Forever For A While.” Swirled with clashing waves of strings, the track exudes raw, repetitive hooks that washes your ears with its gauzy textures. The video features the duo performing surrounded by pure visual chaos. Hit play:

Speaking of the track, Matt shared: “By the time the world shut down, we had four songs written and ‘Forever For A While’ was the first. We just kept pulling at that thread, experimenting more and more until we had an album. In a very real way, the song was the catalyst for all of that, and for the band itself. But it can also just be seen as what happens when obsessive lunatics get their hands on some reverb pedals.”

“Forever For A While” is from the duo’s upcoming debut album Lion On A Leash, which will be out on March 26th via Wiretap Records.