Villages Keep The Spirit Of Live Performance Alive In “Poetry In Motion”

Indie folk

Photo: Mel Stone

Canadian quartet Villages sends a message of hope and optimism, especially towards the live industry, in their new single “Poetry In Motion.” It’s indie-folk weaved with silvery chords and dream-inducing lyrics that yield a breezy soundscape for you to indulge in escapism. The track comes with a video directed by Mel Stone, where we get to see the quartet performing together under the same roof:

The track is taken from their recent EP Upon The Horizon, in which frontman Matt Ellis shared:

“Being locked up naturally conjured visions of escapism. Escaping to the wilderness has always been a way to find peace, but when even that was not an option it was yet another thing that had been taken for granted.

The songs were written on an old guitar with four dead strings that had been neglected for years. There was something fitting about it, given the current condition of the world. This guitar was once a prized possession and over the years just sat collecting dust. Yet, the moment I picked it up the memories it had amassed over the years flooded my mind. It was the comfort and inspiration that was needed—the feeling of a new instrument yet to be discovered, and of new beginnings and endless possibilities.”

Be on the lookout for the band’s next album, which will be arriving in 2021.