Grace Sanders Dances Down The Memory Lane In New Video “No Fair”

There are gazillion OOTDs

Photo: PR courtesy

Grace Sanders give us a nostalgic electropop single to dance with our memories – even the heartbreaking ones – in her new single “No Fair.” It’s a smooth pop piece with hues of R&B that seems perfect for waltzing or reflecting deeply about past relationships, mistakes, and highlights. The song comes with a video directed and shot by Cedric Tang where we see Sanders going through a gazillion OOTDs:

“The multiple outfit changes are an excuse for me to have fun (honestly) but also to show that passage of time that has passed between these events as if I am walking through my own memories as a different person with a different perspective knowing the things that have transpired now.”

The track is from her upcoming debut EP GUMS, which will be arriving on February 26th.