Mina Tindle Drops New Video “Lions”

Featuring dancer Indira Dominici

Photo: ©rgm

Parisian artist Mina Tindle has shared a simple yet stunning video titled “Lions” featuring dance Indira Dominici. Shot on 8mm film, the video highlights Dominici’s stunning choreography as Tindle’s vocals bloom over the buoyantly moody melody. Taken from her new album SISTER, which was released back in October, “Lions” has an intimate charm that draws its listeners in a smooth fashion:

On the video, Mina Tindle said, “I have always loved that film from Indira. Her dancing is mesmerizing, so poetic and almost feels ritualistic. Between apparition and vanishment, it’s like a 3 minutes meditation and massage for the eyes.”

Indira Dominici added, “2020 is ending. I have nothing to say. I just wanted to dance”

If you haven’t already, check out SISTER: