Billy Lockett Illustrates The Cyclical Nature Of Human Connection In “Wasting Time”


Photo: Kirsten Goljar

London artist Billy Lockett uses nature as metaphor to capture the changing and fragile way that relationships can sometimes fade in his video “Wasting Time.” It’s a wistful pop piece where the combination of classical piano beats and delicate string arrangements that yield a soothing melancholic tone for reflection. The stunning visuals use various natural scenes to showcase how the most intimate connections are susceptible to vanish when we don’t invest the time for them:

On the video, Locket shared: “The ‘Wasting Time’ video is the concept that we sometimes can easily forget the importance of the things we have whether that’s career, friendships, love etc. The bees are representative of how they live in particular seasons and die in other particular seasons like relationships changing over time. The nature scenes overall, show how humans’ destructive path also leads to long-term damage, bitterness or in the larger perspective – a dying earth.”

“Wasting Time” has been making waves across the radio and press since its release. Make sure to keep Lockett under your radar for 2021.