HOFFEY & Vincent Manifest Positivity In “GOOD THINGS ARE COMING”

Check out the lyric video

Photo: PR courtesy

Electropop duo HOFFEY and producer Vincent have dropped the lyric video for their latest single “GOOD THINGS ARE COMING.” If you didn’t get to listen to the song when it first came out on October 23rd, then this is your chance to listen AND memorize the lyrics. And it’s not that hard to memorize since it’s a hooky groove that makes you wanna dance and sage away any bad juju. Time to manifest some positivity:

Speaking on the single, HOFFEY said:

“‘GOOD THINGS ARE COMING’ was written during May 2020 in the beginning of the Pandemic. The song is about believing and having hope that good things are actually coming and better days are ahead no matter the circumstances or how you may feel. In the pre-chorus, the lyrics are ‘maybe if I say it out loud it’ll manifest itself’ Manifesting meaning If you just say something out loud and put your energy into positivity good things follow. We just want this song to leave whoever listens to it feeling hopeful and excited for the future.”