Dayliites Capture Amicable Breakups In “Goodbyes”


Photo: PR courtesy

While breakups tend to connote messy emotional breakdowns and pain, Dayliites (aka PACES and Cloe Terare) point out that sometimes people end things amicably. Their latest single “Goodbyes” is synthpop anthem that delineates such peaceful departure where the pinch of heartbreak gets outweighed by the buoyant optimism. Cloe’s siren-like vocals highlights the highs of a relationship, giving us a sense of feel-good nostalgia. Check it out:

On their new single, PACES explained, “This instrumental is actually what started the whole Dayliites project. I’d just arrived home from a writing trip in LA and I had a bunch of vocals to use for new Paces songs, but I was in a bit of a rut musically. As an experiment I tried making a track that was totally different to any of my other songs. Something lofi with really cheap-sounding computer guitar sounds and a crusty drum machine (I was into very polished ‘expensive’ sounds at the time lol), but also try to make it sound beautiful. This instrumental was the result and I loved the process so much that I decided not to use the vocal that was on there at the time, but rather to go searching for someone to join me and start a whole separate project that could sound like this. Fast forward through a year of searching for the perfect musical partner until I met Cloe and here we are, Dayliites!”

Cloe added, “Goodbyes is a bittersweet track that was lots of fun to write and record – and even more fun to listen back on. There’s lots of melodies in there that we fell in love with and it’s got a really great message. To me it says two people can part ways and still say ‘thanks for all the great memories’ or ‘I’ve still got your back.’ I think it looks at things from a different perspective – breakups don’t always have to be savage; this song advocates for celebrating and reflecting on the good times.”