Emily Coupe Spreads 2020 Holiday Optimism In “Quarantine Christmas”

Goes into your holiday playlist

Video still from Emily Coupe – Quarantine Christmas [Official Video]

LA-based, Aussie artist Emily Coupe rekindles our holiday spirit but with a pinch of optimism in her new single “Quarantine Christmas.” It’s warm, soothing pop trimmed with folk elements where Coupe weighs in the pros and cons that this year has brought to us. Cheers to surviving this year:

On the song, Coupe shared:

“This year has been the craziest year that I have ever experienced, and for everyone I know – ripping people’s livelihoods and families apart, whilst also somehow creating new opportunities and adventures in it’s wake.

‘Quarantine Christmas’ is not meant to be a play on the situation, making light of what has been happening, but mostly a way to sum up how we feel at this time of the year, in the most hectic, testing, depressing yet exciting year so far.

May this song be some kind of solace, emotional release, or cathartic way to navigate through this difficult yet happy time, and I truly hope you enjoy it, as well as find hope and peace in it.”