Di Bosco’s “Vaffanculo” Is F You In Italian & Also French House

And it’s playful

Photo: PR courtesy

Paris-based artist Di Bosco gives a groovy midfinger in her new single “Vaffanculo,” which translates to “fuck you” in Italian. Built on fragmented vocals and eclectic French house, “Vaffanculo” is a bouncy and refreshing single that sucks you into the chic melodic vortex of Di Bosco’s world. It’s playful, carefree, and has a fuck-the-world attitude that makes you wanna spin on the dancefloor:

Di Bosco is an ex-fashion designer who has dropped breakout singles such as “Dry Your Tears” under her former moniker Yorina. There will be more music (and maybe more midfingers) from Di Bosco in 2021.