Emeryld Captures Mental Mess In New Intimate Video “Right There”


Photo: Lucas Chemotti

Rising artist Emeryld visually captures the mental mess we find ourselves in when shuffling through the memories of an ex in her new video “Right There.” For the video, Emeryld worked as creative director and producer where she used hazy, nostalgic videos to capture distorted memories and grief that one suffers in the aftermath. It’s a journey into the cusp of your own imagination and reality, which often can be self-deceiving and heartbreaking. Check it out:

“‘Right There’ feels like a slow-motion bike ride towards the sunset on an early winter evening…that’s just a little too cold to bare,” described Emeryld. In regards to the visuals, she explained that the video captures “the mental mess your mind goes through when you’ve been gaslit and can’t quite comprehend what memories of a past love are true or idealized.”

The track is from Emeryld’s upcoming mixtape, which will be out early next year.