Gold Revere’s Debut EP ‘Lavender’ Is Built On Slick Hip-Hop & R&B

And includes TikTok hit “Alibi”

Artwork: PR courtesy

Gold Revere is the collaborative project of Akash Gururaja and Ian Crumley who broke into the scene with their single “Goldfish Crackers,” which is an eccentric mixture of country trap and hip-hop. Before this year expires, the duo has dropped their long-awaited debut EP Lavender, a 7-track rollercoaster of emotions where they blend all kinds of genres and quirks. In short words, it can be described as a mixture of hip-hop and R&B, but when you look into the lyrics and rhythmic details, it’s a record that radiates madness, some pop MSG, and trap:

Lavender is out now via Arista Records and Last Nite Records.