This Coast Bias Soundtracked Our Guilty Pleasure Habits In “Poison Candy”

Chill breakup pop

Photo: PR courtesy

This Coast Bias is the bedroom project of Oklahoma-based artist who decided to go solo in 2019. His self-labeled ‘breakup pop’ sound delivers an equal amount of uplifting hope and heartache through an intricately crafted lo-fi soundscape. TCB’s latest single “Poison Candy” exemplifies such style – on the melodic surface, it’s a chill indietronic pop piece that relaxes you. But the lyrics break down the dark guilty pleasures we’re addicted to even though they’re slowly poisoning us:

“‘Poison Candy’ is about habits,” he explained. “Whatever it is, we all have things that taste sweet but cause ‘cavities’ in our lives. Whether it’s a girl or boy, our spending, or iced coffee, we can cause problems by sticking with something we probably shouldn’t. In this case, it’s about a girl I was dating.”

TCB will probably release more songs of past exes, personal problems, and universal existentialism next year.