HXNEY Pays Homage To Her Roots In “JeJe”


Photo: PR courtesy

Nigerian descent, Irish raised artist HXNEY pays homage to her roots in new single “JeJe” where the gal integrates her native language Yoruba into the lyrics. The narrative gist of the song is inspired by HXNEY’s experience with a brief relationship that brought her heartaching moments along with lessons. As you can tell from “JeJe,” the song has an intimate melancholic tone to it where HXNEY processes the end of such affair:

On her new single, HXNEY reflected: ‘‘The song was written from a pure state of consciousness, where I let my emotions flow freely. ‘JeJe’ took me about 10mins to write unlike my previous work, and soon became one of my favourite songs of mine. As we wrap up 2020 and as I start my new era  as an artist, I felt like it was only right to share this with my listeners in order to introduce them to a fresh approach from me and connect with me on a different level”.